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Founded more than 20 years ago, Shocking Electrical Services, LLC specializes in 24-hour electrical installation and/or replacement solutions. We solve commercial and residential electrical issues in the State of South Carolina and surrounding areas.


Whether our clients need electrical repair and/or installation, we have client-centered employees who are licensed through the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation who are available to provide electrical solutions that meet our clients' needs. We install and/or replace electrical panels, appliances, generators, home theaters, lighting, outlets, security systems, smoke detectors, and more.


Our aim is to be the one-stop solution for electrical concerns in the communities we serve. Committed to ensuring our clients' and customers' needs are met, we have dedicated on-call professionals who can be reached for consultancy, installation and/or repair scheduling.

People, Purpose, and Promise


Proudly Serving Charleston, SC and surrounding areas

Meeting Customers Where They Are

Our employees are prepared to travel to primary communities we serve. We have certified professionals who are assigned to provide the electrical installation and repair solutions necessary for electrical issues that occur on commercial or residential properties.


Generating Purposeful Connections

Internally and Externally Making Power Connections That Matter

As values-driven professionals, we aspire to not only be masterful when installing and repairing wiring that helps our clients get the most out of their power sources, but we also work to ensure those served know that they can count on us to employ our expertise with the utmost integrity and thoroughness.

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Hiring Quality Professionals

Prioritizing Safety, Training, and Satisfaction

Our employees are on a team of professionals who love providing electrical solutions. We help one another apply the best electrician practices so that we stay safe and our clients stay happy.

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Standing By Our Promise

Helping People With What They Need

We make ourselves available 24 hours a day throughout the week so our clients can have access to quality electrical repair and installations solutions. Customers are contacted within 24 hours for consultancy and installation/repair scheduling.

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